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Cyberbullying among teens and adolescents Essay Example for Free

Cyberbullying among teens and adolescents Essay Cyberbullying among Teens and Adolescences Cyberbullying is one of the major problems over the internet. This type of bullying involves technology and communication, such as the internet, social media, text, calls, and blogs. Cyberbullying happens when there is an imbalance among people over the internet, where someone purposefully says hurtful words to a next individual. People from the different race, age, class, and culture suffer from different types of cyberbullying through technology. According to Prince Edward, â€Å"Cyberbullying is being cruel to another person by sending or posting hurtful materials using the Internet or cell phone† (Prince Edward). Cyberbullying affects humans socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. Over the years cyberbullying have become more popular among teen and adolescence because their mental thinking is not fully developed and they act without thinking. The internet has become more available to the younger generation in different parts of the world. Trisha Prabhu mentions that â€Å"adolescents brain is like a car without brakes no stopping, no thinking, and no considering. She further mentions that adolescent brains develop from the back, which means that the front part of their brain is not fully developing until age 25† (Trisha Prabhu). The cortex is an important aspect of thinking and decision making, which is not fully developed in adolescence. This is the main reason some adolescence act without thinking because they are not mature to make decisions on their own. Cyberbullying is a big problem among adolescent and teens. They have become victims of social media violence, which causes depression and suicidal thinking among their peers. Bullying has been around for a very long time, even before the internet. I remember when I was in high school some returning students used to bully some of the freshman students by writing on their uniforms. Some of the statements were, â€Å"You are such a dick, worthless and you deserve to die.† This happened before I had internet access in my school. Robin Kowalski states that â€Å"As more people turn to the Internet for school, work, and social use, so too do more people turn to the Internet to take out their frustration and aggression† (Robin Kowalski). I think Robin Kowalski statement is too general because I believe that it is mostly teens and adolescents who â€Å"take out their frustration and aggression† on the internet, which leads to cyberbullying that push child to commit suici dal. According to Prince Edwards, â€Å"Increasing numbers of teens and pre-teens are becoming victims of this new form of violence. Although many different terms such as â€Å"cyberbullying†, â€Å"internet harassment†, and â€Å"internet bullying† has been used to describe this type of violence, â€Å"electronic aggression† is the term that most accurately captures all types of violence that occur electronically. Like traditional forms of youth violence, electronic aggression is associated with emotional distress and conduct problems at school. In fact, recent research by CDC suggests that youth who are victimized electronically are also very likely to also be victimized off-line† (Prince Edwards). Some teen and adolescence take part in cyberbullying because they believe it is a type of entertainment that gives them pleasure and satisfaction. Trisha Prabhu states, that Rebecca Sedwick an eleven years old girl from Florida received some mean words on social media, such as go kill yourself, you are so ugly, why are you still alive?† (Trisha Prabhu).   This shows how adolescents are evil and wicked to their own kind. These words could lead Rebecca to go kill herself because of what her peer think about her. Social media is just an addition extension towards bullying among adolescents, this is a new device that they can use locally and internationally to bully more persons in their social space. I totally agreed with Prince Edwards that technology should bring people together; instead, it is used to abuse each other; pushing peers out of their social network and pushing them into loneliness, embarrassment, fear or shame. (Prince Edwards). Social media have taken a different toll on teens and adolescents life in society. Sometimes people face bullying because they do not fit in the norm of their peer’s social space and their peers use that against them to push them out. As Alix Lambert mentions in her video, â€Å"it either you fit in or get out†, therefore it is a â€Å"culture of deformity† (Alix Lambert). It is great that Schobel created an app that allows students to anonymously report bullying, but how many children are brave enough to report the matter? Some of the students that face bullying, sometimes upload or share a goodbye video to the world or close friends. Works Cited An App That Let Kids Report Cyberbullies Anonymously. n.d. Don’t blame the bully, blame the system . Perf. Alix Lambert. 2014. Edward, Prince. Taking Stock of CYBERBULLYING Taking Stock of CYBERBULLYING (n.d.). Lattanner, Robin M. KowalskiGary W. GiumettiAmber N. SchroederMicah R. Bullying in the Digital Age: A Critical Review and Meta-Analysis of Cyberbullying Research Among Youth . (2014). Rethinking before you type. Perf. Trisha Prabhu. 2014.

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