Saturday, February 1, 2020

Personal and professional development Assignment

Personal and professional development - Assignment Example These skills will be achieved through attending seminars, finding a mentor and taking short online courses in Human Resource Management. The personal and professional plan will be implemented through undertaking HR management short courses offered by the University. I will register for online short courses to improve my time management skills, communication and interpersonal skills. I will identify a lecturer to mentor me to attain these skills and practice through participating in HR researches. Two of the objectives were met by the target date. I attended a lecture on effective handling of employee grievances, effective communication and skills in time management. I also managed to get a coach involved in HR researches and together we participated in these researches. According to Lussier & Hendon (2013), in order to solve work-based problems, an individual needs to have skills in effective time management, personal organization and effectively sorting out employee issues regarding on-the-job discrimination and harassment (80). Communication styles vary from individual to individual. For example, communication between the HR team and the managers differs from that with lower level employees. Communication could be verbal or electronic or a combination of these two. For personal and professional development to be successful there is need to analyze the skills to identify the individual and group needs. Objectives need to be established and used as a guide to plan individual and overall development skills (Lussier & Hendon 2013, p.

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